How To Advocate for Your Child and Get What They Need with Melanie Oates

By December 18, 2019 Press

Melanie Oates is making it her mission to ensure every mom gets what they need and learn how to advocate for your child. As the mom of two special needs kids she had a transition of getting through the shock of what her motherhood journey would ultimately look like. She quickly realized that she wasn’t going to have those mother daughter times as she thought, they would look different. Now that she’s gotten more education and the resources she needs, she can enjoy her relationship even more than she thought with her children.

She began by trying to do it all by herself but she had to start speaking up right away. It was too much to work full time, take care of twins, and still find time for herself.

In order to get the help she needed and advocate for her child she started speaking up and getting in contact with various support groups. If you’re ready to advocate for your child make sure to listen to this episode.

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