Parenting Children With Medical Conditions and Accepting God’s Plan

By November 15, 2019 Press

Have you or a friend ever been blessed to parent a child or children with things like autism or other medical conditions? In this deep interview Danielle talks with Melanie Oates, a strong, beautiful mother and advocate for her special needs twins. She is also the founder of Here For A Reason, Inc.

This deep and vulnerable interview uncovers the things mothers struggle to discuss. From guilt to insurmountable shame, Melanie opens up about everything. From dealing with people staring at her and her children, incorporating self-care because she has little time to herself, learning to accept her situation, and understanding that her children were made perfectly as they are, this interview will blow you away.

Whether you’ve been struggling with balance or mom-guilt, make sure to take the time to give this episode your full attention. Melanie Oates helps us all put into perspective how important it is to embrace the situation we are blessed with because it’s exactly where we are supposed to be.

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